Saturday, 21 July 2012

Initial Ideas

Hello all. In this post I just want to introduce some of the ideas I wanted to blog about in the future. The things I want to share with you most are:
-Reviews: especially of lesser known works that may not have been given the spot-light before.
-Attributes of gamebooks: story-driven vs. game-drive and how to balance there two.
-Style and presentation: Print vs. PDF, does size matter? Etc.
-Gameplay and mechanics: open-world adventures, combat design, items design etc.
-Ratings and Honorable Mentions: my favorite gamebooks in different categories, and why.
-Do not read and Didn’t Deserve. Gamebooks that I thought were terrible and not worth your time getting; especially gamebooks that I have heard others praise, while I found to be crap. (Not to offend any of the fans of those mediocre gamebooks)

I’ll be adding more to the list, but for now these are the main subjects I’d like to touch on with my blog. Cheers!

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