My Works

My Works


Free gamebooks written by me, for you to download. All feed back and quibbles are welcome :)

The Battle of Bamajeda
This gamebook is a man to man combat showcasing my new combat system. It is a single combat that is part of a larger gamebook in the works.

This gamebook is your story as your struggle to leave a dark place. This is also my 2012 Windhammer competition entry.

A Tiny Adventure
A gamebook that fits onto a single page! This page-sized adventure is about you shrinking and becoming as tiny as this gamebook.

University Life
A gamebook that fits onto a single page! Experience univserity life once more.

A gamebook in which you must search the lands for the secret to eternal life!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on!

  2. There you go: Gamebook number 1 :) I'll have plot-driven gamebooks are on the way soon.

  3. You have constructed an innovative battle system. Now the questions begin:

    • I assume that ¶1 repeats until the player makes a new location choice or Chthon is killed; is that so?

    • Some of Chthon's spells result in the loss of a card. May I assume that this affects only the player's next turn and he again may have five cards in subsequent turns?

    • It appears that Chthon has the advantage in the battle: his spells cause much more damage than do the player's. Is this your intention?

    • Some of the player's spells get the player additional cards. Does this persist for the entire battle or just the next turn. If only for the next turn, how does he get down to five cards again?

    • What happens after a battle is over? Does the player keep whatever cards he has? Does he discard them and reshuffle the deck?

    • After the battle, does the player return to 100 Hp?

    The battle system is well thought-out and has many possibilities for development. There is randomization as well as a wide range of tactical options available to the player. There is the opportunity for character development: a low level character might start with a low number of techniques available to him, and as he develops, he may be permitted additional ones. Special techniques might be available in certain situations and not others. Different gamebooks could have techniques and not others.

    Bravo! This is excellent. Lots of flexibility and room for innovation.

    1. Thank you for the quality feedback! To answer you questions:

      -If what you are asking is if the player returns to step 1 of combat step 4, then yes. This cycle of combat rounds continues until either you or Chthon dies.

      -Yes, the loss of a card only affects the players next turn; when step 3 of combat comes around the player may again draw up to 5 cards.

      -While Chthon's spells do much more damage than the player's, you will notice that Chthon has a 1/3 chance of moving, rather than attacking the player. This evens out combat.

      -Techniques that allow the player to draw additional cards act for one turn only. i.e. If the player still has five or more cards in their hand next turn, they don't draw at all.

      -This micro gamebook has slightly different rules than the full sized gamebook I am working on. This is to account for the fact that this micro gamebooks is a single fight, whereas in the full sized gamebook, there will be multiple fights and opportunites for you to improve your character, etc. So, to answer you questions: in this gamebook it doesn't matter if you keep the cards or return to full Hp when you kill Chthon because it is the end and you have won. In the full sized gamebook you will keep whatever cards you have and not return to full Hp, however you will also had a backpack with items to help heal you.

      Like you said in the full sized gamebook, the player will have to earn their new abilities. There will be items and weapons to collect, etc.

      Thanks again for the feedback! I'll have to edit my work to add those clarifications to the rules.

  4. OK...the only question we didn't connect on is the first so I'll rephrase it. We start in ¶1. I cast a spell, then Chthon (how can one pronounce that?) casts a spell. I don't cause him to lose 25 Hp and I don't choose to move. We're both alive. I assume that I attack again and he responds under the same ¶1 until such time as I cause him to lose 25 Hp in a single hit or I choose to move or one of us is dead. I think this is that so?

    Jake, you have thought up a very flexible and interesting battle system. Congrats to you!

  5. That is correct. Keep in mind Chthon may choose to move as well. But yes that is how combat is supposed to play out.

    Chthon derived from a greek word. In English it is pronounced "Thon". I derived it from the word "Chthonic", an adjective meaning "dark and mysterious" or "Infernal and underworldly".

    Thank you again for your kind words! :)