Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Gamebook: Eternal

I have recently written a brand new gamebook called "Eternal". In this gamebook you have set out on a quest to discover the secrets of eternal life. However the path to eternal life is not easy. There are many ways the story can end, but the best ending are the ones that are best hidden.
There are 9 different endings, including deaths; see if you can find them all. Also one of the endings was written for fans of Inside UFO 54-40, if you know what I mean ;)

P.S. Also I have planned to write an expansion for this gamebook; there will be 3 new locations to visit, and 3 more endings.


  1. Oh, hey! I recognize this item system! You used it in the Windhammer competition!

  2. There... there MIGHT be an error in the gamebook. Amaranth4 while on paragraph 9 should take me to 13, right? But the resolution of that path happens in section 12, instead. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. You are are absolutely correct. It is supposed to be "Amaranth3". Also if you found the apple, it was supposed to be "Apple11" I have fixed those mistakes now. And yes, the item system almost the same ;)

  4. Never did find a use for the Apple. I'll have to go back with the corrected number. But it's good to know that I was playing correctly! I've found three of the endings so far (drowning in the sea, eaten by a sea monster, and... I don't actually recall the last one, because I was only half awake by the time I encountered it. Something to do with the devil, maybe?). Lots of fun, although there are a lot of loops if you can't figure out when you're supposed to use certain items. Or, you know, if the item's number isn't correct. :P

  5. I have discovered all of them. 7 by the actual playing, one is unreachable (well, now I know that it was intended in that way :)) and one is, I believe, buggy (if it is not meant to be unreachable too :D).
    Here it is: to become a super-ruler you must get crown and scepter. Crown is obtained at 23 and scepter at 30. Subtracting combination of blade and magic (5+14=19) from those sections I get that the crown is to be obtained from plains (4) and the scepter from rumor section (11). Both of these seem highly illogical. I've also checked the numbers of magic and blade, and they're used right in every other situation.

    1. I wasn't right with the blade. The blade is every time used with the difference of 8, but it is given to you with number of 5. It should make a perfect sense. (The only thing I cannot explain is how had I killed the Time. My computing capabilities were probably already sleeping, as I was playing it at +/- 1 o'clock in the night.)
      And that's the bug.

    2. Another bugreport: HeavensEarth Stone should be 9 (it has an 8 now). Used from plains (4) + stone (8) gives 12, which is the same as raven (9) + amaranth (3).
      And when 13 is talking about "grassy fields fading", it doesn't seem very logical to have it used at the sea (5).